Merry Christmas from His Grace Productions

I just wanted to say thank you for being a part of His Grace Productions this year.  This has been our best year yet and the Lord has been more faithful than I could have ever imagined.

Since this is probably my last time to write to you all before the end of the year, I want to leave you with a little encouragement.

Growing up, I LOVED my room and if I wasn’t outside chasing our dog across the farm, I was sitting in there goofing around.  

What I remember most about my room was this weird yellow chair.  I can’t really recall a time without it but it was not my favorite childhood item.  Uncomfortable, dirty, dated, but for whatever reason it never got thrown away.  I finally grew out of it and then my parents bought me the exact same chair, just in a bigger size…  

I remember thinking as a kid “this is really random but I wonder if this chair means something…”  It was a director’s chair but I had no desire to be a director as a kid.  Looking back at my life it was like God gave me these little clues as to his plan for my life even though I was clueless.  Now there’s nothing I love more in the filmmaking process than directing and stewarding good stories.

God has had his hand in my life from the very beginning.  He has continually been faithful to me and by His grace, I now get to work in this industry.

My question for you this Christmas season, is what’s your director’s chair?  What little clues did God plant in your childhood that have kept popping up throughout your life? Whatever it is, I promise you, he is faithful and he has good plans for your life.

Speaking of Christmas, we had the HUGE blessing of filming out our first-EVER Christmas ad!

Hope you enjoy it and as always, if you’re looking to disrupt your market next year with some earth shattering CINEMARKETING, we’d love to help.

God bless you, merry Christmas, and thank you for being a part of the His Grace Productions family.