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When creating a film the first question we ask is…

“Who do we want to watch it?”

This is the most important question of the entire Cinemarketing process.  Without the “Who” the “What” will never work.

Simple enough, right?  Well, some projects are easier than others.  It turns out Cyber Security can have a pretty broad audience so instead of guessing at the answer, we did our homework.  

All of our films start with research.  We interviewed several professionals throughout the cyber security industry and found the best group of people to target for our client to best hit their growth goals.

Because Insane Forensics focused on the “who” vs. the “what” they caught the attention of some very important organizations and are in the process of working with them right now!

Cinemarketing goes beyond filmmaking and focuses on taking companies to places they never dreamed of, and in a fraction of the time they would have on their own.

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