How to launch an effective marketing campaign for FREE in 5 simple steps using things you already own.

This is a huge problem that most businesses deal with but is rarely talked about. After we spend money on a marketing widget (new website, video, pictures, t-shirts, etc…) we’re so excited but what happens afterward? This cool new item might get shown to a few people but it’s never actually marketed.

This is like me saying, “I’m so excited about the new welder I just bought!” To which my friend replies:

“Awesome! What are you going to weld?”
Me: “ What do you mean?! I don’t know how to weld.”
Friend with deepening concern: “Are you dumb?”

The answer is NO! I’m not dumb but I did get over excited about a tool without really understanding its purpose.

So let’s fix this right now. Before you buy another marketing tool, this is how you’re going to use it to build your business into the powerhouse it was meant to be.

Step 1. Take inventory. What pictures, videos, logos, etc do you have right now in your arsenal?

Step 2. Write down a list of the 10 things your customers hate most about your industry.

Step 3. Match one piece of content from “Step 1” with one pain point from “Step 2”.

Step 4. Write 10 short paragraphs tackling the 10 objections your customers have about your industry.

Step 5. Grab a cell phone and record 11 VERY short videos of yourself addressing the 10 most common objections in your industry. The first video is an intro telling your audience about your series of posts coming out to address their most frustrating problems. At the end of each video Invite people to tune in, subscribe, follow, etc…

If you’re looking to get your feet wet with some effective marketing techniques before investing your hard earned cash, these steps will definitely get you started. You could complete these 5 steps in one day and have 10 weeks worth of content. I know very few businesses who have 10 weeks worth of consistent and coherent content to share.

Now what will pour gasoline on this fire is the quality of your content. Videos and photos that can’t be ignored + systematically taking away all your customer’s objections = road to greatness.

So take the 10 week challenge and let me know how it goes. If you stick with it for the full 10 weeks, I’ll give you a free 1 hr consultation and a 30sec interview video shot on our state-of-the-art equipment. Just tag us @hisgraceproductions in your posts so we can follow along.

You were made to do this well. Keep up the good work.

Blessings from,

His Grace Productions