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through cinematic storytelling

Discover the power of emotional branding and turn your customers into raving fans.

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We harness the power of emotional connection to create exponential sales growth.

Reduce ad spend and grow your audience reach through our proven system of cinematic

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Harp Design Co.

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Capstone Mechanical

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What clients are saying about us

Clint Harp


“Super Professional and High Quality, Very Creative, Easy to Work With.”

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Excellent Experience

“As business owners, when you pick partners/providers, you better pick right. You need to pick someone who understands you, your brand, and the message.”

— Erick Garcia, CEO Hedgeway Group

One of The Best

“When it comes to fulfilling a vision and creating great videos, Jake McGhee is at the top of the list for me! He is one of the best at collaborating on concepts and ideas and then making it become a reality.”

— Randy Robertson, Owner INNOVATION Marketing & Consulting

Worth Every Penny. Great ROI.

“Our retention rates have been much better. That’s worth $100k+ per year, if not more, to us.”

— Rick Tullis, President Capstone Mechanical



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