Exciting NEWs that’s actually exciting!

First off, have you seen our new social media content launch?


These 10 videos are the BEST investment we’ve ever made in social media.  Here’s some quick reasons why…

  1. I was able to create a month’s worth of content in 2 hours.  That means I can totally saturate my market each month for only 2 hours of my time!
  2. We created a way to generate massive amounts of value with a highly effective delivery system.  In 30sec we can answer questions most businesses struggle with until they finally fail.  That’s a lot of power.
  3. Cost effective!  Social media videos that win followers cost $1000+ per video and that’s the low end.  We were able to cut that price almost in half.  That means if you’re an underdog business wanting to upset the big guys, this is your way in.

In two hours we can capture enough content to push out a video every day for the entire month.  No more worrying about where to post, when to post, or how to post content.  We take care of the whole thing.

If you’re interested in becoming the trusted source of expertise to your clients, you can sign up to learn more here:


Because this is a very involved process for our team is only taking on a total of 3 social media clients this quarter, and one of those slots just got filled last week! So even if you’re slightly curious, it’s better to get the info and not need it than to miss your chance.

Now for the VERY exciting news!  We are creating a short film called “The Tomb”.

I don’t think it’s any secret that His Grace Productions is a Kingdom business that exists solely to serve the will of Jesus. Serving businesses through marketing is a wonderful way to accomplish that mission but lately we’ve felt led to create our first distributed narrative project.

This film is one of the first looks to what it was like for Jesus inside his tomb before his resurrection.  If you’re a Christian, your entire basis for hope hangs in the balance of those three days he spent in the tomb.  But all too quickly we pick up the story right after Jesus has risen.  This video is going to take you into those crucial moments beforehand and show the world why we believe what we do.  Are you ready?

This is a not-for-profit project.  We’re raising money to cover the cost of the set, crew, and marketing but the really exciting part is how this film will be used.

We will be launching a full online and TV ad campaign for this video.  There will be a link for people to visit at the end of the video where they’ll be connected to an online ministry to answer questions and get prayer.

It’s time to disrupt the world of advertising by giving with expecting nothing in return.

If this is something you’d like to be a part of or if you’re just interested in learning more, reply to this email with the subject “The Tomb” and we’ll get you an information package of our entire plan and where we need help.

Thank you for being a part of our community and I pray this year will be your best one yet.